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Although hardwood floors are known to be long-lasting and extremely durable, they are subject to wear and tear just like almost every other flooring material. The good news is we can repair your hardwood floors!

Whether your hardwood floors squeak when you walk over them or they look dull and dated, they can be brought back to life by our flooring experts. Contact us today to schedule a hardwood floor repair estimate.

It’s probably time to schedule a hardwood floor repair estimate if:

  • There are scratches on the wood surface
  • A board is missing
  • Stains or odors won’t go away
  • Your wood floor squeaks when you walk on it
  • There are small cracks or splits in the wood
  • Gaps have formed between the floor boards

Depending on the condition of your hardwood floors, we may recommend:

  • Hardwood floor Sanding
  • Filling gouges with wood putty in the hardwood floors
  • Hardwood floor waxing and buffing
  • Re-sealing and re-staining hardwood floors
  • Replacing hardwood floor planks and boards

Click to request an estimate or call us at 732-894-6440

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