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Our flooring experts specialize in the professional restoration of all types of hardwood floors. From a simple sand and stain to the meticulous restoration of wood in century old homes in the NJ and NY area, our team can do it all!

Restoring and refinishing hardwood floors is an excellent option for bringing your floors back to life. Floor restoration and refinishing services range from wood panel repair and custom match patching, to inlays, and wood-staining. We will be able to assist you with locating floor panels to match the ones that currently exist in your home or business. We have access to even the most hard-to-find and rare sizes of flooring materials.

We always look to restore and refinish before ever suggesting you remove old wood and start over. If forced to, we strive to add flooring that compliments your home’s beauty.

  • Sanding
  • Staining
  • Poly Seal
  • Painted Floors stripped & sealed
  • Century Old homes our Specialty!

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